UH Seidman Cancer Center

A diagnosis of cancer can be life-changing as well as life-threatening. At University Hospitals Parma Medical Center, our commitment is to maintain as much as possible of what is familiar and comfortable for patients and their families while providing the most advanced treatment available.

The Program

Cancer is a complex disease. Its treatment requires high-quality medical and surgical care, often in combination with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. UH Parma Medical Center, in association with University Hospital's Seidman Cancer Center has brought the skill and experience of University Hospital's medical and radiation oncology specialists to the hospital campus, where they work with UH Parma Medical Center's referring physicians and surgeons in a state-of-the-art facility. The full spectrum of cancer care is available in one convenient location, all under one roof, close to the patient's home and primary care physician's office. UH Parma Medical Center's Seidman Cancer Center was recently awarded a three-year accreditation with commendation, indicating the facility exceeds standards. Special recognition was given to the center's quality improvements, compliance and active outreach program.

The Center

UH Parma Medical Center's Seidman Cancer Center offers a full range of treatments for cancer patients, including medical oncology and radiation oncology. The expertise of the UH Parma Medical Center Medical Staff and University Hospital oncologists is backed by a seasoned staff of UH Parma Medical Center nurse and therapists, who provide compassionate and comprehensive care to oncology patients.

The center is located on the first and second floors of the Medical Arts Center 3 on UH Parma Medical Center's main campus. It is connected to the Medical Arts Center 2 and the Hospital via an enclosed walkway.

The People

Quality is a priority and personalized care is the hallmark of all we do at UH Parma Medical Center. The experienced medical team understands that advanced care is not all that patients may need. A helpful explanation, an encouraging word, a listening ear, a hand to hold – all help make healing possible. The professionals of the center are available to meet with patients and families in their physician's or surgeon's office, or in the hospital.

The Resources

The more patients know about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer, the more they are able to participate in their own care. The Cancer Resource Library, located on the second floor of the center, provides brochures, periodicals and videos, as well as Internet access to information about the disease to any resident of our community.

Because early detection and prevention are the most potent weapons against cancer, UH Parma Medical Center offers cancer screenings and educational programs. Support groups that include breast and prostate cancer survivors meet regularly. They provide recovering patients the opportunity to make a unique and reassuring connection to other survivors.

Contact us

To learn more, call us at 440-743-4749.