New Direction: Ending the Weight Loss Struggle

Have you struggled with a variety of weight loss programs and products, only to find yourself without the necessary support to succeed? It’s time for a New Direction. UH Parma Medical Center’s Metabolic Clinic offers a medically supervised weight loss program that gives you the tools to tackle your weight and carve out a healthier future.

Getting Started

Attend one of the free monthly seminars to start your life moving in a whole New Direction. Once you complete paperwork, provide your health history and receive your initial clinical evaluation, with bloodwork and an EKG, you will then meet weekly with our healthcare team. Attendance at these mandatory sessions is the key to success.

Classes are free and held the first Wednesday of every month at the Metabolic Clinic. Call 440-743-2995 to register.

One Goal

This physician-monitored, comprehensive program provides meal replacements as you learn how to reintroduce store-bought food. We will teach you how to make healthy choices, focusing on good nutrition and exercise. We are aiming for permanent weight loss, achieved by fundamental behavioral change on your part and a network of support on ours.

Impact Your Life in Countless Ways

  • Increasing your energy
  • Reducing your blood pressure and joint pain
  • Improving your blood glucose and cholesterol levels
  • Improving your appearance and self-image
  • Extending your life

Two Options

New Direction offers two options to help overweight individuals achieve their weight loss goals:

Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

For those with more than 40 pounds to lose. Meal replacements are the sole source of nutrition.

Low Calorie Diet (LCD)

For those who have less than 40 pounds to lose. This moderately regimented diet replaces two of three meals with product and allows the individual to eat one lean, healthy meal of store-bought ingredients.

Three Phases

You will meet with a registered dietitian and a fitness specialist to teach you about making informed, healthy choices during the three phases of the program:


During the initial phase, you consume meal replacements provided by the program.


When you approach your goal weight, you gradually reintroduce store-bought food to your diet.


Our support and guidance continues once you return completely to grocery bought food.

Contact Us

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