Behavioral Center for Older Adults

The Behavioral Center for Older Adults offers hope to those persons 55 years of age and older who are experiencing serious emotional and/or mental health difficulties. The Behavioral Center extends a helping hand through comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment planning.

Primary care physicians manage the patient’s medical conditions as the team focuses on treating their primary psychiatric diagnosis. The secured unit at UH Parma Medical Center provides convenient access to diagnostic procedures that may help identify the causes of a patient’s behavior.


  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Co-management of chronic medical conditions 
  • Dietary consultation 
  • Discharge planning/placement assistance
  • Individual and group therapies
  • Medication management 
  • Patient and family education 
  • Recreational, occupational and physical therapy 

Psychiatric Symptoms

Behavioral health problems include confusion, memory impairment, anxiety, unrealistic fears, hallucinations, isolation, sleep and eating disturbances, depression and combativeness.

Treatment focuses on management of symptoms and stabilizing the individual. Specialized professionals – including psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, therapists and dietitians – help identify the patient’s capabilities and develop coping strategies. Families are involved in the care plan throughout the patient’s stay, especially during the transition back into the community.

Contact Us

For questions about services, please call the Program Director at 440-743-4189, or the Community Relations Coordinator at 440-743-4179.