Patient Success Stories

Now cancer free, life is a walk in the park

When cancer struck Jan Apathy, she needed doctors who cared as much as she did about returning her to wellness. Surgeon Trudi Brown’s skill and compassion were “God’s gift to me,” she recalls from those dark days of discovery when cancer was found on her annual mammogram.

Experienced oncologists and an empowering Survivors’ Group were just around the corner from Jan’s job at Padua Franciscan High School, where she inspired students and parents alike throughout her successful treatment.

And when Dr. Brown isn’t holding her hand, Jan’s husband of 28 years is by her side.

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Taking time through personalized care

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, what you need is time.

Time to accept the diagnosis. Time to understand what it all means for you. Time to adjust to the treatment. And time to return to living your life.

Sandi Szuch DeChant, who had surgery and chemotherapy in 2005 for breast cancer, was struck by the healthy regard her treatment team – from the surgeon who performed the biopsy and delivered the diagnosis to the nurses who administered chemotherapy – had for time.

DeChant’s breast cancer was discovered by a routine mammogram. Trudi Brown, MD, performed her biopsy and later the lumpectomy. When Dr. Brown told DeChant her lump was cancerous, she encouraged her patient to return at a later date – with any family members she wanted – to discuss her treatment options in more detail.

“She took the time and sat and talked with me,” says DeChant, who brought four family members and a friend along for support when she met with Dr. Brown the second time, a 45-minute appointment. “She knew it was important that they be there with me.”

DeChant’s grandchildren helped her remain focused on the future. Pathology reports showed that DeChant had a particularly fast-growing form of cancer, and chemotherapy began. Her grandson added some levity to a somber situation, checking to see if her hair was growing back beneath her wig.

“The treatment and care I received was just wonderful,” said DeChant, who appreciated that the Cancer Center was “right around the corner” from her Concord Square condominium. “They would sit and talk with you if you had questions. They took time, and they were always positive.”

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