Women's Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Watch this video to learn more about the importance of annual mammograms and UH Seidman Cancer Center's new 3D digital mammograms. Patients at UH Seidman Cancer Center can now choose to get a 3D mammogram called tomosynthesis that provides the most comprehensive view of the breast.

Medical Oncology Services include chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy, administered in an infusion center setting.

Outpatient Medical Oncology provides chemotherapy, infusion therapy, supportive services, and physician office visits to adult oncology/hematology patients. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday with limited hours on weekends and holidays. Specially educated nurses care for patients with cancer related health problems and diseases. Board certified Medical Oncologists develop an individual patient plan of care and are available through the physician clinic and/or 24-hour call for emergency situations.

The unit consists of 11 treatment stations, six exam rooms, physician offices, related waiting areas and a conference room. It is located on the second floor of the Medical Arts Center 3 building and is equipped to care for the adult oncology outpatient receiving examinations, active therapies and/or interventions.

Radiation Oncology Services include a linear accelerator, 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy, external beam radiation therapy, ultrasound positioning guided equipment and intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). The most recent upgrade will be imaging guided radiation therapy (IGRT).

Radiation Oncology provides radiation therapy and supportive services to adult oncology/hematology patients and patients whose disease/condition is amenable to radiation therapy. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday. On call 24-hour coverage is in place to facilitate care for those patients requiring emergency radiation therapy. Specially educated radiation therapists and nurses care for patients with cancer, cancer-related and other health problems and disease as previously described. A board certified Radiation Oncologist is present and/or available 24 hours/day and is responsible for the individual patient radiation therapy treatment plans. A dosimetrist and physicist are present to assist in the development of the individual patient radiation therapy treatment plans.

The unit consists of a simulator, a linear accelerator suite, four exam rooms, physician office, related waiting areas and a conference room. Radiation Oncology is located on the first floor of the Medical Arts 3 building.

In Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology, patient care delivery and treatment planning occurs utilizing an interdisciplinary team of professionals along with weekly consultative cancer conferences that include specialty physicians to optimize the development of an individual comprehensive plan of care.

For more information about Radiation Oncology, call (440) 743-4749, or Medical Oncology, call (440) 743-4748.