Cardiac Rehabilitation

You’ve survived a heart attack or heart surgery… What is the next step on the road to recovery?

Cardiac rehabilitation can enhance the long-term health of patients with coronary artery and valve disease who have recently experienced a heart attack or coronary artery bypass surgery. The program has two phases.

Phase I – Inpatient

Patients learn about the lifestyle changes, diet and activity at home necessary for a full recovery. This phase begins preparing them for the outpatient phase of the pro­gram, which can bolster their confidence and independence to aid their recovery.

Phase II – Outpatient

Prescribed by a physician, this phase involves exercise sessions, two-three times per week, with cardiac and blood pressure monitoring, by specially trained personnel. Education, an essential component, is facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals. The weekly classes focus on behavior and life-style changes, that promote risk factor management and secondary prevention.

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